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Dynamically increasing input textarea height with JavaScript

A simple solution to dynamically increasing the size of a textarea input on the fly

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Julian Nash · 2 years ago in JavaScript

A typical <textarea> input tag typically looks something like this:

<textarea  id="editorInput" rows="1" placeholder="Write your markdown here"></textarea>

We can set the default number of rows by specifying the rows attribute and giving it a number.

This is fine if you're ok with a fixed size, however in my case I needed to dynamically increase and decrease the height as the user enters text.

Here's my solution:

// Get a reference to the textarea element
var editorStyle = document.getElementById("editorStyle");

// Add an event listener to trigger a callback on keyup
editorInput.addEventListener("keyup", function (e) {

  // Set the rows attribute of the textarea to the current number of lines of text
  // This is done by splitting the current value on newline characters and getting the length of the array
  this.rows = this.value.split("\n").length;

The textarea height will now grow and shrink as text is broken and new lines are entered.

Last modified · 31 Jul 2019
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